March inventory

Linda lent me her camera, which seemed a good excuse to take stock of what is growing between Moorhaven and Green Lane this month. On March 12th 2016, there were the first flowers of golden saxifrage and pink purslane, with a solitary purple and yellow flower of ivy-leaved toadflax that was a bit too small for the camera. On the golden saxifrage, the tiny yellow flowers are dominated by larger yellow bracts.

Late spring/summer flowers like herb robert and campions, which had kept going through the very mild start to this year, are scarcer this month but the early spring flowers – primroses, celandines and sweet violets – are at their best now.


Dog’s mercury is in full bloom now, growing in dense clumps in the hedgerows. It can be distinguished from annual mercury by its more finely-toothed leaves and finely hairy leaves

dogs mercury 2
dog’s mercury

Winter heliotrope grows so thickly beside the road that it is easy to take for granted, but close-up the flowers look quite exotic.

early dog violet

Elsewhere, there were early dog violets in the woods at Shinners Bridge, Dartington, distinguishable from common dog violets by the spur at the back of the flower being purple, at least as dark as the petals, whereas in common dog violets it is pale.




On the roadside verge in Bittaford, there are cowslips growing among the primroses.


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