Dartmoor and the coast

marsh violet I was excited to see a small patch of marsh violets a month ago near Piles Copse. Now they seem to be on the bank of every stream and ditch on the moor. I don’t remember seeing such a display before.




Tiny but distinctive pink flowers of lousewort are showing through the grass, with the ubiquitous yellow tormentil


This miniature blue flower is heath milkwort. It wasn’t easy to photograph something so small and a nice man interrupted his game of golf to see if I was okay as I crouched over it. Thanks!

heath milkwort
heath milkwort, blue and white forms

heath milkwort white

Another Dartmoor miniature is sheep’s sorrel (left), like its much larger relative common sorrel but note how the ends of the leaves point out to the side on sheep’s sorrel, and downwards/backwards or clasping the stem in common sorrel.

25th May on Dartmoor: a water crowfoot in shallow streams and ponds, possibly round-leaved water crowfoot?

round-leaved water crowfoot

also whortleberries (bilberries) flowering and a red kite overhead


At the coast near Malborough football pitch, two geraniums and some spotted medick:


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