Things that look like cow parsley, part 2

cow parsley fruits
cow parsley fruits in June

Cow parsley is almost over and is gradually being superseded by rough chervil. Rough chervil has similar flowers, and bracteoles but no bracts as with cow parsley. Its distinctive characteristics are hairy stems that are often purple – cow parsley stems are smooth and green – and drooping flower buds.

rough chervil leaves
rough chervil

Ground elder is dominating the hedgerows now, growing in dense low clumps.

Sanicle grows in shady spots, with dark green leaves and pom-pom flowers.

Handsome but deadly hemlock water dropwort is also present.

hemlock water dropwort plant
hemlock water dropwort

Hogweed is starting to flower but is not yet at its full height. The large, coarse leaves are unmistakeable.

Wild carrot prefers the seaside to inland lanes. Its flowers are pink-tinged until fully opened. When open, the florets are more densely packed than these other umbellifers but the really distinctive feature is the tiny red flower in the centre of many of the flower heads


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