main head

The head of Lud Brook is transformed into a magical green and gold world of spearwort, bog asphodel, sphagnum moss and sundew, with tiny frogs hopping here and there.


bog asphodel closeup
bog asphodel







Delicate bog pimpernel nestles among the grass and sphagnum,

bog pimpernel

with bright red patches of insect-eating round-leaved sundew


Other tiny gems are eyebrights, tormentil and heath milkwort beside the water

and water crowfoot, marsh st. John’s wort and lesser spearwort in the water

spearwort close up

On slightly drier ground, cross-leaved heath and mouse-ear hawkweed:

Larger plants include foxgloves and marsh thistles in pink and white forms

cotton grass


wet spider's web


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