By the sea in August

In the Isles of Scilly, plenty of flowers that are not found near Moorhaven, starting with yellows like chamomile and fennel;

pinks including common centaury, mint (probably false apple mint, a cross between round-leaved and horse mints), purple loosestrife and sea spurry;

blue butterflies as well as flowers of heath milkwort and sheep’s bit:

and greens, whites and browns: common orache, marsh cudweed, rock samphire (widespread in Scilly, but it is not the samphire you eat, which is a glasswort), and fool’s watercress.

There were lots of interesting flowers along the Tarka Trail , including toadflaxsneezewort, betony, marsh woundwort and red bartsia.

At the Devon Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Meeth Quarry: two sorts of gorse, broom, purple loosestrife, water plantain and water mint. I could not get a good photo of hairy tare but it is a pea with tiny white flowers.

Devil’s bit scabious at DWT Ash Moor nature reserve

devil's bit scabious

and a grasshopper hoping for a ride.

short-winged conehead grasshopper
short-winged conehead

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