More things that look like cow parsley

Wild angelica is majestic in late summer.

Tall and strong like hemlock water dropwort (which is over now), it grows in similarly damp places. There are several specimens beside the small stream where Leigh Lane meets Wrangaton Road.
angelica 1

Apart from the late flowering season, distinguishing features are baggy sheaths where the leaf stalks meet the main stem, and rose-like leaves.

The flowers provide late summer nectar for a wide range of insects.

Upright hedge parsley is a common successor to cow parsley and rough chervil but not so much near Moorhaven, where greater burnet saxifrage is more common. These specimens were photographed in North Devon along the Tarka Trail. Note the relatively small and widely spaced secondary umbels and distinctive fruits with upward-curving spines.

Fennel is a Roman introduction that grows prolifically near the sea, shown here in the Scillies. Easily distinguished by its scent, finely divided leaves, and yellow flowers. Wild parsnip also has yellow flowers but chunkier leaves.


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