We have been trying to make our garden more wildlife friendly. We have marked off some areas of lawn as wildflower areas, made leaf and log piles, and put up a bug hotel.


The biggest change was digging a pond.

We planted it out with mainly native plants from Devon pond plants: lesser spearwort, common water plantain, ivy-leaved water crowfoot, amphibious bistort, frogbit, cotton grass, brooklime, and water mint, with Eleocharis acicularis (dwarf hairgrass) and hornwort for oxygenation, a small water lily, and pickerel weed for late flowers.

I have also sown seeds of ragged robin and southern marsh orchid (saved from some growing uncharacteristically in a dry granite trough), and purple loosestrife, water avens, and devil’s bit scabious from the charity Landlife Wildflowers.

A kingcup (marsh marigold) from mum and dad’s pond has established quickly and is already sending up new shoots:





Blackbirds are already regular visitors, taking daily baths in the shallow margins of the pond. A young grey wagtail visited several times in September, within days of us finishing the planting.









This gold-ringed dragonfly also found the water very quickly.gold-ringed dragonfly


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