My plan this year is to catalogue flowers on the southern verge of Bittaford Road, between Bittaford and Ivybridge train station, while keeping an eye on what is flowering along Wrangaton Road between Moorhaven and Green Lane.

In the garden, there was ice on the pond but there are some beautiful flowers out too, including climbing corydalis in the woods at Shaugh Prior and celandines in Ivybridge, including some with many petals.

Under the viaduct at Bittaford, there is a lovely display of sweet violets.

sweet violets
sweet violet close up

Hart’s tongue fern occasionally displays bifurcation due to genetic mutation. This one under the hedge along Bittaford Road is unusually frilly.

bifurcated hart’s tongue fern
Cladonia sp.

The pond was frozen on several mornings, much to the annoyance of the blackbirds. One morning there were five males arguing about territory in the garden. The one that has claimed the pond for his own was noisily impatient for his bath, until eventually I broke the ice.



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