It was cold on the moor this morning but the crevices in walls were full of tiny plants, including new leaves of sheep’s sorrel, navelwortheath bedstraw, and stonecrop.crevices

There were some beautiful ice formations near the Ludbrook, including extruded strands of frost around a fox’s burrow.



Gorse and an unseasonal strawberry flower

This orange-yellow jelly fungus is Tremella mesenterica. It is also known as witches’ butter, yellow brain or yellow trembler. In China, it is used to thicken soups.

Tremella mesenterica


It would be easy to become obsessed by lichens as there are so many and they are beautiful close-up. If I spent any longer trying to identify these though, there would be no blog.

Parmotrema crinitum?
Cladonia sp. and moss

This spleenwort is everywhere now I’ve started looking properly, especially on Harford Road and the footpath leading from Wrangaton golf course down to Blackadon Cottages and Moorhaven.spleenwort-2


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