Mini beasts

Australoplana sanguinea

I’m still resisting the urge to sweep up leaves and pull up couch grass, to avoid disturbing hibernating hedgehogs and toads, so instead I swept the patio and disturbed smaller things. I’m pretty certain this is an Australian flatworm, which should not be in the UK as it eats our earthworms.



Another flatworm, this one the native Microplana terrestris, which feeds on dead slugs. microplana-terrestris

A small centipede under a brick, possibly Lithobius crassipes.lithobius-crassipes

While I was looking these up, I happened upon the identity of some small black wasps that fascinated us in the summer. They made burrows in a dead tree trunk and we watched them poking their heads out. They are mournful wasps, and their larvae eat aphids so I’m delighted to have them in the garden.

Thale cress is coming into flower in every untended patch. It was the first flower to have its entire genome sequenced.


The nice people at iSpotNature confirmed that this is English stonecrop.

English stonecrop

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