Frogspawn everywhere on the moor today. Some frogs clearly couldn’t wait to reach water. There is still no spawn in our pond, which is disappointing given that the local frogs were happy to use Lucy’s sandpit when it got filled with rainwater a couple of winters ago.

Here are two things I cannot identify. The first is a nest in a gorse bush near Shipley Bridge, but is it a mouse or bird’s nest? It was in an exposed location so perhaps had been blown there.

The second is something that was on many old bracken stalks. I thought it might be fungal spores but now I have the photo on my computer it looks more like insect eggs.

Update 2nd March: the closest I can find on the internet is the Vapourer moth, Orgyia antiqua, where the flightless female lays her eggs on the cocoon from which she hatched. Nowhere mentions bracken as a host plant though. There is more information here.


Clay settling pits at the foot of Western White Barrow, near Red Lake.




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  1. lindasolbrig says:

    Jason is not 100% sure, but thinks number one is a field mouse nest because he has seen something like this on cereal crops in Cornwall, made by tiny field mice. Linda

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  2. Just back from a wild camp on Dartmoor. We walked up from Postbridge to Fernworthy, frog spawn everywhere!


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