We went to Slapton to see the humpback whale that has been visiting Start Bay since the end of February. We didn’t see the whale – apparently it comes into the bay with the incoming tide – but we did see a harbour porpoise and reed buntings.

There were swans, grebes and a lot of coots and moorhens on Slapton Ley, and a chiff chaff in the willow.

Stitchwort was already in flower. Also dog and sweet violets, goat willow, Alexandersred dead-nettle, climbing corydalis, and common ramping fumitory.

goat willow
Goat willow
common ramping fumitory
common ramping fumitory
red dead-nettle
red dead-nettle

Near the sea, there was Danish scurvy grass, sea campions, and something purple just sprouting


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