Off to Ivybridge via the moor. This has to be the best walk to the shops.


Along Leigh Lane, shade-loving wood sorrel is just opening and there are new marsh violets unfolding in the bogs near the Lud brook.

wood sorrel
wood sorrel

The sunshine brings out the vivid reds, greens and yellows of the moss.

moss 2moss 3moss 1
moss 4

The mysterious hole, with some new scratches nearby. Maybe a badger’s holt?

There is water crowfoot flowering in the dewponds.

water crowfootunder water

Spot the meadow pipit:

meadow pipit

Coming off the moor, along the drovers’ path, there are masses of bright yellow celandines and dandelions.

ground ivy
ground ivy
opposite-leaved golden saxifrage
ivy-leaved speedwell 2
ivy-leaved speedwell

ivy-leaved speedwell 1


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  1. lindasolbrig says:

    Just beautiful!


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