Moorhaven to Green Lane

I haven’t done this walk for a while and the big change was clumps of three-nerved sandwort at the side of the Moorhaven drive.

three-nerved sandwort

On the sunny southern verge just past Leigh Lane, lots of shining cranesbill and ransoms, greater chickweed, and creeping buttercups.

shining cranesbill
shining cranesbill
greater chickweed
greater chickweed
creeping buttercup
creeping buttercup

Past the golf course, there are stunning displays of bluebells on both sides of the road. I saw a young roe deer in the woods on the northern side.

bluebell woods
sweet woodruff

There are three bedstraws in the hedges locally: sweetly-scented woodruff (Gallium odoratum). hedge bedstraw (Gallium album), and cleavers or goose grass (Gallium aparine). Woodruff grows in deep shade near the bluebell woods but cleavers and hedge bedstraw are found in every sunny/partially shaded hedgerow. Just past the top of Green Lane, many were satisfying the appetites of bloody-nosed beetle larvae.

In the garden, the water-loving speedwell, brooklime (Veronica beccabunga), is just coming into flower in the pond.


The big sycamore is not my favourite tree but the unfolding leaves and flowers are strangely beautiful.

sycamore 2


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