Ugborough Beacon to Aish

A lovely varied walk around Ugborough Beacon to Three Barrows and back to Moorhaven via Corringdon Ball and Aish. walk

The grass on the more sheltered eastern face of Ugborough Beacon was full of heath milkwort in colours ranging from ultramarine through white to pink.


I checked the bracken above Peek Moor gate to see if the vapourer moth caterpillars had hatched yet. Mine haven’t. I found some eggs and no caterpillars, so maybe they are waiting for the weather to warm up.

vapourer moth eggs
vapourer moth eggs


view to Brent Fore Hill
approaching Brent Fore Hill (and rain) from Three Barrows

The footpath by Corringdon Ball, from Ball Gate to Aish Ridge, is a wonderful place for flowers with a mix of moorland, marsh and hedgerow flowers. Sadly rain and size made it hard to get good photos.

pink lousewort with white heath milkwort, yellow tormentil and red-green whortleberry leaves

Water-loving brooklime and bog stitchwort.

Lots of bluebells:

Lots of umbellifers too: cow parsley still dominates in the hedges but rough chervil is just starting to flower, along with hemlock water dropwort by streams.  Pignut and sanicle are common too – pignut widespread, sanicle more isolated in shady patches. There is an impressive clump of alexanders by the river at Cheston.

Lower down, the verges and fields are full of buttercups, both creeping buttercups and taller, more delicate meadow buttercups.

Lots of yellow archangel in the hedgerows

and patches of Russian comfrey,

Russian comfrey

white-flowered honesty in Aish, possibly a garden escape,

early purple orchid near the railway line between Aish and Glazebrook,

hedge mustard,

white clover,

white clover

and yellow pimpernel.

yellow pimpernel

Near Glazebrook, an oak apple and a pretty moth, probably a satin wave. Oak apples are caused by a gall wasp, though a different one from the one that causes the hard brown oak marble galls that I’ve always called ‘oak apples’.



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