There is a large patch of Russian comfrey just past the top of Green Lane and it was humming with bumblebees. Two species were present (assuming my ID is correct). The shaggy yellow one in the top left picture with a gingery tail is Bombus pratorum, one of the first bumblebees to appear in the spring and quite small. The darker one on the left is Bombus sylvestris, a cuckoo bee that lays its eggs in B. pratorum’s nests. Its hair is sparser, leaving the dark shiny abdominal plates visible.


Between the bees and Moorhaven, there are swathes of red campions, and spires of navelwort flowersverge


A beautiful hop is trailing through the hedge opposite the golf course, and there are delicate black bryony flowers everywhere.

A nice example of greater celandine by the yellow cottage at the top of Blacksmith Lane,

and spotted medick in the layby opposite the Mansion.

spotted medick
spotted medick

First flowerings of the year for brambles – large papery white flowers – foxgloves, ragwort,

and common figwort.


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