In woods near South Brent last weekend, we saw five specimens of the rare greater butterfly orchid. Many thanks are due to the man walking dogs who offered to show us the first one.greater butterfly orchid 1GBO in budGBO spotty specimengreater butterfly orchid 2greater butterfly orchid 3

orchid budorchid in bud

There was also a specimen of rather late early purple orchid.

early purple orchid

Beaked hawksbeard

common cow-wheat
common cow-wheat
buttercups and bugle
buttercups and bugle
bugle close-up
bulbous buttercup
bulbous buttercup

Common sorrel

Marsh thistles

common dog violet
common dog violet
lesser stitchwort
lesser stitchwort



gastrophysa viridula
Female Gastrophysa viridula with inflated egg sac
colourful spider Araniella male
Male araniella spider


Araniella cucurbitina spider
Araniella curcubitina
bronze winged fly
Mesembrina meridiana
common frog
brown beetle
An orchid beetle
galled speedwell
galled germander speedwell

plantain and flylong legged spider


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