To the station and back

A poppy near the church in Bittaford, and some more poppy buds and capsules further on.

All along the verge there are patches of zigzag clover, which is less common than white and red clovers but is plentiful here. Note the tapering, pointed stipules and widely spaced brightly coloured petals.

Another interesting flower is agrimony, its tall spikes waving above the bracken and grass.




There are miniature grassy meadows at the crossroads near Ash rosettes and David’s Lane


with meadow vetchling, ribwort plantain, butterflies and crickets.

Also thistles,

and yellow daisies.

Three sorts of bindweed:

More yellow flowers,




umbellifers (and yarrow),

and lots more.

Fasciated goat’s beard: deformed flower heads seem quite prevalent on this stretch of road.

fasciolated goatsbeard

I took photos of 59 different species of flower, and I probably missed a few. Not bad biodiversity for two miles of sadly litter-strewn roadside verge.

We found another buff ermine in the kitchen

buff ermine


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