Bumblebees and bogs

A surprising find on the moor yesterday, near the head of Ludbrook: ten or more bumblebees in a grassy, mossy nest.

bumblebees 1bumblebees 3bumblebees 2

There were also lots of dragonflies and damselflies, in particular gold-ringed dragonflies patrolling up and down the brook too fast for photos.

Meadow brown and large skipper butterflies were in the long grass beside the lower moorland section of the brook.

Lots of water-loving plants are flowering now, including marsh St. John’s wort, lesser spearwort,sundew, bog asphodel, and the delicate bog pimpernel.

lesser spearwort
lesser spearwort

In the damp grass near the brook, there is lesser skullcap, eyebrights, heathers, heath bedstraw, sheep’s sorrel, common mouse-ear and slender St John’s wort.

A lemon-scented fern growing beside the stream:

This fern grows in upland areas and smells lemony when crushed. Note how the spores are developing around the edges of the pinnules rather than in the middle as they tend to do in other ferns.

I took these photos a week or so ago. The woundwort (left and centre) was a noticeably tall elegant specimen growing in a sunny spot rather than the shady places preferred by hedge woundwort. I think it may be the hybrid between marsh woundwort and hedge woundwort (right).

Sundews growing on Ugborough Beacon above Peek Moor Gate.

sundew 2


Sheep’s bit on the wall by the gate to Leigh Lane:

sheeps bit


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