Signs of autumn

Autumn hawkbit (above) and camomile on the golf course.


At the base of the hedgerows, there are tangles of redshank, knotgrass and water-pepper.

There is lots of wild marjoram opposite the top of Green Lane, by the golf course sign, and enchanter’s nightshade at the bottom of Leigh Lane.




enchanter's nightshade
enchanter’s nightshade

The last of the wild angelica, meadowsweet, nipplewort, bush vetch, and wood avens provide colour and nectar.

There’s fleabane growing through cracks in the station carpark. I don’t know what sort it is as there are several non-native fleabanes spreading across the country. Canadian fleabane is the most common but I don’t think it has red-tipped bracts like this one has.


Outside our front door, the first buds of the aptly-named early dog violet.

early dog violet
early dog violet

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