Looking further afield, found dog’s mercury, burnet saxifrage, hogweed, gorse and common comfrey already in flower



Scented sweet violets, nestling under a hedge.     I think this is wavy bittercress. It has a zigzag flower stem, 6 stamens (2 shorter than others – I needed a lens to count them). It is not frost hardy and shouldn’t be flowering until March-April, but it has been very mild. Like hairy bittercress, which grows everywhere…


The first sunshine for a week has coaxed out tiny white flowers of hairy bittercress and three-nerved sandwort, as well as early wild strawberry flowers and stag’s horn fungus.

Happy New Year

I am trying to capture in pictures the variety of flowers in a one-mile stretch of south Devon hedgerow from Moorhaven to Green Lane. Today there was winter heliotrope, the first primroses, campions, daisies, bush vetch, herb robert, ivy, bright green new leaves of hedge bedstraw and cow parsley, a rain-soaked celandine, and some small yellow flowers…