The immense mine at Falun in Sweden at one time provided two-thirds of Europe’s copper. Pollution from smelting wiped out plants and micro-organisms for several kilometres around. The mine closed in 1992 and a beautiful array of wildflowers has recolonised the area immediately adjacent to the mine. By the sea in Copenhagen: Platform 26, Copenhagen…

Marsh and meadow

Some water-loving plants out in July at White Oxen, including brooklime, marsh bedstraw, ragged robin, and fool’s watercress. Water figwort: Long-stalked cranesbill on drier ground: At home in August, small tortoiseshells on buddleia

Hummingbird hawkmoth

There was a hummingbird hawkmoth right outside our back door this afternoon. Amazing how it hovered still enough to take a fairly crisp photo, with the wings just a blur.