Bits and bobs

Mosses and lichens galore in Dendles Wood in November, but I haven’t identified them. Also fungi, including candlesnuff fungus and puffballs at Hangar Down and these in Dendles Wood. Two species of Cladonia lichen growing on the granite wall around Cuckoo Ball. The first is Cladonia polydactyla or ‘British soldiers’.  

New Year’s Eve

Holly and ivy for Christmas and lots of new growth in the hedgerow, notably cow parsley, goose grass (cleavers), and shining cranesbill. Spotted medick leaves are easier to see now than in summer. New flowers of lesser periwinkle, dog’s mercury, winter heliotrope and pink purslane alongsideĀ a few scattered flowers of shining cranesbill, rough chervil, nipplewort,…